Shakti Sings

"Honouring the Earth through song"
We are a 100 strong National Choir. As featured in The Guardian, Evening Standard and The Independent - Shakti Sings is a long running choir dedicated to singing songs to Mother Earth, led by Musical Director Philippa Snell.
We sing for joy and with joy, singing songs in full harmony with the intention to open hearts and raise consciousness. We always welcome new members, and don't audition or need previous experience of singing. All we ask is that you come with an open heart, ready to sit with the magic of song.

"I arrived at a rehearsal, 4 years ago with an open mind and went away with a heart full of joy.

This Fantastic choir has changed my life for the better. I see and appreciate the wonders of our beautiful planet with fresh eyes and am not afraid to encourage others to do the same. Their loving support for each other, gives me hope for humankind’s future. There is another way to live! Everyone should give it a go!"

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