Shakti Sings

Shakti Sings

Stu McLellan

“Back in the early part of the year I had a little inner nudge to tend to something that’s been mostly neglected for a very long time. To sing. When I saw Shakti Sings, a big diverse tribe singing to honour the Earth, it felt like that was the kind of singing I needed to do. So I found myself at a monthly rehearsal back in April, and again the following monthly. Completely wonderful, emotional, communal, uplifting… Such a lovely bunch of people, such a thing to be enveloped in sound, and to find a voice waking up in me and it find a place in a sea of voices, and to sing heartful, elemental, life-affirming songs.”

Join us!


Shakti Sings Choir welcomes new members all year round. Everything is taught by ear,  no experience necessary,  just a love of singing!


We gather to sing every month, except July and August, in Staines, West London. Our dates can be found on the Dates tab at the top of this website.

For any membership enquiries, please contact



If you would like to try the Choir out, you don’t need to contact anyone, just come along.  You don't have to wear red for the monthly gatherings!


These gatherings are over 4½ hours long and cost £10-25 depending on what you can afford. No one ever has to audition – all are welcome. We truly believe EVERYONE can sing!




















Our monthly gatherings include a lunch break, where you are able to purchase organic homemade vegan food if you wish. We also supply free teas, coffees and biscuits that are available during the day (please bring a mug).


If, after you have tried us out, you would like to join us you will be asked to become a member, which covers insurance and performing rights.


Annual Membership Fee


(September 2019 - August 2020):



Monthly Fee Per Gathering


£25 waged / £15 low waged / £8 unwaged

Try it without obligation for a day £25


We also offer an optional free hour meditation before each rehearsal, everyone welcome!


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