Shakti Sings

Shakti Sings

Singers are from all walks of life and all ages from 10 to 90. Whether you head up a global corporation or you're a stay at home dad, you'll be warmly welcomed!

Philippa Snell – Musical Director


Philippa is a drama and theatre teacher and stage production director as well as a music coach and musician. She has been a forest school and wild arts practitioner, her long experience of teaching and listening in nature has guided her work and inspiration in music too. 

Philippa is a member of the Natural Voice Network. She runs a folk choir in her hometown of Dorking, the Birch Tree Choir, and a small choir called Singing Mamas for women and babies, also an XR Extinction Rebellion Choir. She has learnt singing and music at Cecil Sharpe House, Wren Music, the Baring Gould Song School and learning and performing with the Three Shees. Philippa sings and performs in Welsh and Scots dialect and has learnt to research songs from their locality and with their traditional use. She also plays the folk fiddle and is keen to add more musical sounds, including animal noises, into the choir in future! She describes the role in Shakti Sings as her “dream job”. 




Bernadette Vallely – Founder and Chair of Trustees

Bernadette Vallely is a life-long social activist, award-winning writer, radio broadcaster, artist, campaigner and mother of two. 

She is a writer of mostly environmental works, including the bestselling 1001 Ways to Save the Planet. She is a United Nations Global 500 Laureate, an award from the UN Environment Programme for her outstanding work in protecting the planet and communicating difficult ideas in an accessible way. 

Bernadette founded Shakti Sings Choir in 2012 and is the creative and spiritual force behind it. She promotes sacred activities to protect the earth including managing a team Gaia’s Guardians, whose main interest is adopting and protecting rivers and raising consciousness about the sacred nature of the earth. She is currently researching a work, Earth Goddesses of the World which charts Earth Goddesses of many faiths throughout history and Diana: The Great Goddess Diana and the History of London which is to be released 21st June 2020.

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